Social time with Dwight students

Being introduced to the Dwight students was a new experience. Many of the students at Dwight are Korean, although international Koreans. A few of them had attended the state schools of Korea previously, but… Continue reading

Visiting Dwight School Seoul

We arrived the Dwight School Seoul during morning and what struck us was how big the school was! At least in comparison to K.I.S. We were followed into the management’s official meeting room and… Continue reading

Special treat!

The temperature in Seoul today was high. Not that we are complaining about nice, warm weather, but after miles of walking through Gangnam trying to locate the style, we were glad to get… Continue reading

Electronic gaming heaven?!

Video games has been growing, both as a hobby and as a media. E-sports is as the name might suggest, electronic sports. Professional gamers are competing in huge championships for the prize of… Continue reading

The posh side of Seoul

– Gangnam as seen by the Girls Today was mostly a day off to do whatever we wanted to do. So we decided to go to the famous Gangnam District here in Seoul.… Continue reading

Hunger and honor

While staying in Seoul, we are residing at a backpacker’s. The rooms are ok, they have beds and a bathroom, but they are quite crammed. You also have to get your own food,… Continue reading

Transport and shopping

Hard to get up! Someone had the brilliant idea to watch movies until 3-4 am. We are heading Seoul again. Extra heavy suitcases had to be dragged through Haeundae, through tons of staircases… Continue reading

200 years of celebrating the 17th of May

Congratulations to all Norwegians around the world! Today we got the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 17th of May with other Norwegians here in Busan. The host of this event was someone we… Continue reading

A generalization of the week – similarities and differences

  During this week we have visited several different companies, and we have experienced a different culture and society than what we have back home in Norway. We are honored by being able… Continue reading

Previous Aker Pusnes, now MacGregor Pusnes

    Friday morning, and our last day of the company visits. We had to get up quite early as it was a two hour drive inland from Busan, to a small place… Continue reading